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Around the holidays, it is nice to have a few strategies for looking and continuing to look your best. Listed below are a few facts that we hope that you will find fun or useful.

1. Green cancels red. Whether you have rosacea, acne or just a complexion that is a bit more ruddy than you would like, it is helpful to know this little beauty secret. Green makeup, concealer or moisturizer is often the best strategy to cover up red blemishes, especially in a pinch. Apply a thin coat to the area that is too red, blend it in with the normal skin at the edges, and you have found the best way to elegantly hide a red mark or complexion.

Knowing this tip can allow you to “conceal without caking.” A thin coat of green-tinted concealer often works better than a thick (and too obvious) coat of skin-toned cover-up.

Need something stronger? Consider seeing a board-certified dermatologist to discuss modern anti-redness options like Rhofade, Mirvaso, or Oracea.

2. UPF is the new SPF. Looking for a great gift idea for a family member who spends time outdoors? Modern beach, athletic, and outdoor wear is increasingly being sold with a “UPF” rating. UPF stands for ultraviolet protection factor. It works the same way that SPF (sun protection factor) ratings do on sunscreen. A shirt with a UPF rating of 50 lets 1/50 of the sun’s rays through. It used to be that rash guards and protective clothing were not fashionable or aesthetically appealing. Thankfully, our increasingly health-conscious population has spurred the growth of a whole industry catering to those who love the outdoors but who also want to keep their skin healthy. Amazingly, the average thin white cotton t-shirt only has the same protection as a sunscreen with SPF 4! Just because your loved one is wearing a shirt while outdoors, they will not be truly protected unless they are wearing UPF-rated clothing.

3. Botox and Beyond. Many people are aware of how botox can nearly painlessly fade away wrinkles and improve one’s appearance in areas like the forehead and crow’s feet, but Botox and its cousin neuromodulators Xeomin and Dysport have applications that one might not guess. A skilled botox injector such as a board-certified dermatologist is likely to know a few creative ways to use Botox. Here are two examples:

The gummy smile: When we smile, our upper lip lifts over our teeth. Sometimes, the upper lip lifts more than we would like, showing not only the teeth but a large amount of the gums as well.

For many people, an amazing transformation can be achieved by injecting botox at a few strategic points on the upper lip near the nose. This can weaken the muscle that lifts the lip and restore the lip to a lower position when smiling.
The perma-frown: A muscle called the depressor anguli oris pulls the corners of the mouth down. In many people, the muscle is a little too active, and when the person’s face is at rest, the corners are slightly pulled down giving an appearance of dissatisfaction. A few units of Botox at a strategic point above the jawline can often release this muscle allowing the corners of the mouth to pull back up. Now, people can see one’s true happiness and contentment rather than the façade of a frown that was not felt.

4. Vein care. Winter is one of the best times to think about vein care, partially because most insurance companies require patients to wear compression stockings for 90 days before the company approves medically necessary vein treatments. Winter is the most comfortable time to wear those compression stockings because they will keep you warm in the winter but can really be a pest in July or August.

Vein disease doesn’t simply mean varicose veins. Over a third of patients with vein disease may have no visible varicose veins at all. Some of the less visible veins can have valves that malfunction. This can lead to swelling, itching, leg pain, restless legs, leg pain at night, heaviness after sitting or being on your feet all day and many other complaints that might not seem to obviously arise from malfunctioning veins.

A painless and safe ultrasound study can identify whether your symptoms are due to vein disease, and modern treatments are minimally invasive carry a vastly improved risk / benefit ratio over treatments of old.

At Premier Dermatology and Mohs Surgery of Atlanta, it is our privilege to take care of you this holiday season and our pleasure to help you look and feel your best and healthiest.

Whether you have a suspicious mole and want to discuss UPF clothing or whether you have a gummy smile or lower leg complaints that might be venous in origin, we are delighted to serve you. If you have skin health, vein or beauty questions, we hope that you will consider spending a part of your holiday season with us. ■


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