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Citrus Zing Potpourri

for your wedding favor bags....



1 oz each of lemon verbena,
     lemon balm and lemon thyme
1/2 oz marjoram
1/4 oz crumbled bay leaf
1 tbsp crushed lemon peel
6 tbsp crushed orange peel
2 tbsp orris root powder
2 drops orange blossom oil
2 drops lemon oil


Mix all dry ingredients together in glass or metal container. Add both oils and mix well. Makes approximately one cup and is a refreshing scent for your kitchen or laundry room.

SUGGESTION: Place in a diffuser lamp. When the potpourri is heated, it will emit a stronger.

Citrus Peel:
Choose lemons, oranges or limes that are firm to the touch.  Thinly pare the rind from the fruits, rub with pieces of orris root. NOTE: Push a whole clove through each piece of peel before drying. Place peel on a on a cake cooling rack which has been put onto a cookie sheet for better drying ciculation. Dry in a low over (200 degrees F) until crisp. Dried pieces can be added to your potpourri either whole or crushed.

SUGGESTION: A food dehydrator can be used to speed up the process.■


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