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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If I can do cancer, I can do anything”
Paula Holland De Long

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought it would be important to recognize the many survivors of this feared illness that surrounds us daily.

I am personally connected to one of these amazing women, a survivor herself, my sister. She is in remission now, but I’m sure the idea of the cancer returning is always on her mind.

As I watched my sister battle breast cancer for over 15 years, there were some valuable lessons to be learned and shared. As I’m sure there are many who have been connected to someone going through the same illness.

I found how important it is to observe their needs. Allow them to tell you what they need, and listen when they talk to you about their fears. Don’t just fill the room with empty words (this can be used with anyone fighting any illness).

Breast cancer can rob many of them of their future, so try to be there with them in their present. Doing something, even the simple act of wearing an awareness ribbon, can mean so much to those who are fighting the fight of their life.

After years of research we still don’t know why one person develops breast cancer while another does not. But what we do know is early detection can save lives.

According to the American Cancer Society, every two minutes a woman in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer — everything from “stage zero” cancer (which some doctors believe shouldn’t even be called cancer) to the deadliest form: invasive breast cancer.

Thankfully, early detection and treatment has led to an increasing number of survivors. The World Cancer Research Fund International reports that there are more than 6 million breast cancer survivors worldwide. For fighters and survivors, and for those of us who know and love someone with breast cancer, this gives us a reason to celebrate October. ■


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