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Are you done taking care of everyone else?


Most women have difficulty taking care of themselves. Maybe you think you aren’t one of them… but are you?

1.  Do you take care of everyone else before you take care of yourself?
2.  Do you put children’, spouse’s, or work schedules on the calendar and then work yours in where there is space?
3.  Do you want to take some time off, but guilt makes you postpone it?
4.  Do you spend money on other’s activities, but not on your own?

If so, then you are long over-due for some “me-time”.  And I mean quality “me-time”.   You deserve a dedicated date on the calendar for your activity.  Please note that this does not include working out, because that’s still work.  I mean a date on the calendar for your mental sanity, where your soul is touched, and you feel like that younger version of you again.

It’s time to slip away from your family, friends, obligations, and worries.  Put all this on hold for just an hour and come back to yourself.  That is the beauty of a spa treatment. Yes, you are the glue to keep it all together, but appreciation starts with you.  If you don’t think you are important enough for an hour, then no one else will.  Put your foot gently but firmly down, tell your family, and most importantly tell yourself that in order to be the best care-giver, the kindest person, and to be true to yourself, you must put a firm date on the calendar and stick to it.

Imagine it - for just one blissful hour, you are the focus of attention.  You get to be pampered, worried about, and cared for.  Life will roll on around you for that brief period, and you will be bouncing back with vigor, energy, and happiness in your own life. ■


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