Anthology brings women together

Local women share stories in book


Feeling beautiful in one’s skin is something many women struggle with daily. From puberty, to pregnancy to growing older, at some point in every woman’s life she may not feel her best.

The anthology, “Beautiful in My Skin: An Anthology in Learning to Love Yourself,” is seeking to help women when they need inspiration. The book is a collection of stories from 21 women from all walks of life. The first volume was launched in September 2016.

The stories were compiled by Tiffany Lovell, a life coach, young mother of five and a woman who “had her own incredible journey to loving herself,” according to one of the contributors, Lori Wynne.

Wynne, a Milton resident, penned a section in the book titled, “How I became a fashion consultant, one stitch at a time.”

“(The women) share their journeys of self-acceptance, feeling beautiful in their skin and having the courage to be the person they were meant to be and fulfilling their life’s missions,” Wynne said. “All of the stories share a different journey for each woman. Some are spiritual journeys, others are more pragmatic. There is something for every woman in this book. I think of it as a ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ for women looking to fulfill their life mission through self-acceptance.”

Wynne was invited to contribute to the book because of her line of work as a personal wardrobe consultant.

“I help people every day look and feel their personal best,” she said. “I truly believe that when you feel confident in what you are wearing, you exude confidence, and that confidence comes back to you by how others treat you.”

In the book, Wynne talks about her own experiences learning about fashion, sewing, life lessons from her mother and finding new passions, topics a lot of women can relate to.

Still, Wynne wondered if she would be a good fit for the book. She thought her story had to be about overcoming a big trial or struggle in her life.

She didn’t let her doubts stop her, though, and she felt her message for women to follow their passion to a fruitful career, regardless of age, was powerful.

“While my life hasn’t been trouble-free, I refuse to have those dark times define me,” Wynne said. “(Lovell) encouraged me to share my journey to my profession and what advice I would give to women who were searching for their own life mission. Looking back over my life, I see how my different life experiences led me to the positive place I am now. It’s never too late to pursue a new talent or passion.”

And while this isn’t the only book of its kind, the raw honesty in each story speaks to all kinds of women of different ages, Wynne said. A second volume is currently in the works.

“There are golden nuggets for each reader to glean and learn from,” she said. “After the book went to print and started to sell, the curator had many women who came to her to ask if she will do another volume. They have stories to share and wanted to be included, too.” ■


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