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Circle and Moon promotes collaboration and cooperation

Photo by Gianna Keiko Rankart www.giannakeiko.com
From left to right: Amanda Dobbs is a freelance writer who writes copy for businesses big and small under her own brand, The Girl Is All Write www.thegirlisallwrite.com. Christy Currie of Laurent & Co contracts with fashion wholesalers to manage their private label branding for sales, design and production. Lauren Shields, founder of Meraki Mama specializes in Women's Wellness as a teacher and Doula www.merakimamacollective.com. Cristin Zegers, founder of Inspired Living www.cristinzegers.com, coaching, feng shui, aromatherapy. Niki Malek of nikimalek.com is a designer, illustrator and calligrapher. Heni Kovacs is the founder of Circle and Moon www.circleandmoon.com
Photo by Gianna Keiko Rankart www.giannakeiko.com
Photo by Gianna Keiko Rankart www.giannakeiko.com
photo provided by circle + moon

At work one morning in her local coffee shop “office,” Heni Kovács looked around at the other working women tapping away at keyboards, connected but separate, when inspiration hit.

“What if I could create a beautiful, inviting, creative space for local female entrepreneurs and ‘work from home’ women that would feel like home – but without the loneliness, the stacks of laundry waiting, or the dog barking?” she mused.

The idea was more than a fleeting thought for the longtime Roswell resident. Kovács ran with that vision and opened Circle and Moon this summer in the city’s historic district.

“I picked Roswell, because Roswell has been my home for the past 10 years and I love it here,” said Kovács, a native of Czechoslovakia who moved to the United States as a teenager to attend the University of Texas. “There is diversity and so much beauty in Roswell.”

She found a loft on Atlanta Street in the city’s center, overlooking the square, with high ceilings, plenty of natural light and the feeling of home that Kovács was seeking.

“I wanted to create a hub for local females to call their own – work, collaborate and grow together,” said Kovács. “Working from home has its privileges, but drawbacks [as well].”

For Kovács, the drawbacks included the isolation she experienced when she wasn’t on the road traveling as a regional sales manager.

“I wanted to be around people, if for nothing more then just having others work around me,” said the single mother of three. “So I went from coffee shop to coffee shop to find my space, [but] that wasn’t working for me.”

Circle and Moon’s first client, a graphic designer and calligrapher, moved in in June, with others following soon after, drawn to the idea of a women-only work space. Here they find a work environment specifically designed for women, with decor, furnishings and functions to support their needs.

“You can feel the difference as soon as you enter the space. It’s relaxing, beautiful and has a very nice energy,” said Kovács.

But Circle and Moon is more than just about working. It offers workshops and other meetups on a regular basis, provides networking opportunities, and is creating small groups to brainstorm ideas, collaborate on projects, and act as a sounding board for each other.

“The most amazing benefit we’ve seen so far is the friendships and the collaborations that come out of being a part of this group,” said Kovács.
The name of her business also reflects Kovács ideals for her business.

“Circle means the community that we are creating,” she explains. “When women gather in circles, something magical happens. Moon represents the highest feminine energy, so that had to be incorporated as well.”

Creating a work hub for women was important to Kovacs, who believes women can lose their “voice” in a corporate world often dominated by men.

“The driving mission [for Circle and Moon] was I felt there was a lack of community for females who are either in the workforce or on their own running a business,” said Kovács. “The mission [here] is to support and empower women...a welcoming space for them to call their own to work.”

After earning her business degree, Kovács spent years climbing the corporate ladder. While she found business success, she also felt a lack of connection.

“In corporate America I felt I had no voice, and also realized that women weren’t particularly nice to each other,” she laughed. “So I wanted to create a space where women were comfortable and really did support one another and celebrate each other’s successes and joys. This is not only possible, but vital for our future.”

Kovács said there is not a formal screening process for clients, but she is intentional about who joins Circle and Moon.

“The first day is always free and we usually know by the end of the day if this is a good fit for both parties,” said Kovács. “We have a very diverse group – but the common denominator, I believe, is that we all enjoy being around other women.”

Circle and Moon is the only women-only business hub in the area, and word has gotten out quickly about its innovative approach.

“We’ve been contacted by female entrepreneurs from around the country as they get to know about our space via [social media],” said Leni. She added she has fielded requests to open other locations.

But Circle and Moon is still in its infancy, and Kovács looks to grow, deliberately and purposefully.

“We have room to grow within our first location, and we are very committed to building a solid foundation,” said Kovács. ■


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