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A Mother’s Smile

By Jeffrey Jordan Jordan Orthodontics

I’ve always loved my mom’s smile, but this time last year she made a new patient appointment at my office under an assumed name, an alias! After the initial surprise and laughter, we decided to proceed as usual. I guess she was ready to restore her smile to its former glory. At each new patient appointment we take a series of 10 facial and intraoral photos and an x-ray to observe the roots and bone level. After reviewing the information and discussing the options, we proposed a treatment plan involving Invisalign. She decided to go for it, so we scanned her teeth with our intraoral scanner (no impressions!) and sent her scan with our detailed prescription to Invisalign.

A few weeks later we received the complete set of aligners and placed some attachments on some of her teeth (she refers to them as barnacles). Each aligner is worn for 1 or 2 weeks and moves your teeth .25 mm. My mom had a total of 22 active aligners and 6 overcorrection aligners. We delivered three or four aligners at a time and sanded between her lower teeth a little as was prescribed. I am so proud of my mom, Peggy Jordan, and she loves her newly restored smile! ■


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