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A great smile is easy to share!

By Jeffrey Jordan Jordan Orthodontics

Has stress affected your smile? If so, you are not alone. Stress can be revealed in the eyes, the forehead, the nostrils, and the mouth. In your mouth, too much stress wears down the system, through clenching and grinding. Grinding is sliding the teeth from side to side, eventually weakening them, causing decay and sensitivity. Clenching is biting together tightly, overtime, damaging the complex system of muscles, ligaments, disc, and bone. These are two ways the mouth reacts to the demands and threat of stress. Orthodontic treatment improves function and esthetics of your teeth, minimizing wear and tear. After treatment, a night guard retainer can be made to prevent further damage.

Stress is not going away! As an orthodontist, our concern is not only your physical wellbeing, but also your emotional health, extending beyond the patient to the family. Orthodontists treat families, seeing mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sometimes from one generation to the next.

While an orthodontist cannot cure you of stress, he or she can help treat the symptoms. A properly fitting and functioning bite is more comfortable, healthier and a great smile is easy to share! ■


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