5 Ways To Become A Better You

By Suzanne Pacey

We are constantly on autopilot from the time we wake up in the morning until the time we lie down for bed.

This list is designed to help you get back some of that time and to help you use it to become a better you.

1. Wake up an hour early
Waking up an hour earlier gives you that Me-Time that we all need from time to time. Some people use it to meditate, while others use it to prepare themselves for the hectic day.

Whatever you do with your extra hour is up to you, but one thing I know is that you’ll thank yourself for it.

2. Surround yourself with successful people
Remember the old saying: “Surround yourself with whom you want to become and you will become them.” Well that saying has some truth in it.

Turns out that if you begin to hang out with people more successful than you, then you will too begin to become more successful.

3. Be Grateful
Being grateful is a unique trait that has the ability to take you to the next level. Showing gratitude is an amazing exercise for you to do on a regular basis that will help you to stay grounded and stay connected to the people who you are leading. It also helps you reflect on how far you’ve come, what it took and the sacrifices that you made to get to where you are.

4. Smile
Accepting stress in the world is second nature to us and it’s nothing to smile about.

Smiling actually acts as an all natural stress reliever and it may help with your quest for a longer life. Next time you’re feeling down, smile because it will help in creating a better environment and a better you.

5. Set a goal and work towards it
Last but not least on your journey to becoming a better you, make sure to set some short- and long-term goals.

Nothing is more important than having goals and dreams in life. Work toward them. Studies show that more than 50 percent of people who create a New Years Resolution will fail to complete it within five months. You don’t want to become that person, so set some goals and work toward them, and, oh yeah by the way don’t forget to become a better you. ■

Source: www.addicted2success.com


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