5 Garden crafts you can do with your children

By Suzanne Pacey

1. Marking Your Territory
If you're starting your garden from seeds this year, you'll need to have some markers in place to help you remember which sprouts are which, right? To make your own homemade markers, simply pull out your handy paints and put your pint-sized Picassos to work on coloring in all of the veggies and fruits that you're planning on featuring in this year's family plot. Such a simple project, and yet one that you can use in years to come!  

2. Colorful Garden Fun
One great way to get kids interested in gardening is to create a plot that includes a fun theme -- like a rainbow garden. You can plant your rainbow with flowers (and parsley for the green). So many colors to choose from and plenty of fun to be had while watching your rainbow grow throughout the season!

3. Pretty Garden Posts
Another great idea for making easy-peasy garden crafts are bright and beautiful plant markers. Perfect for incorporating art and providing an impromptu lesson on different plants in the garden all in one fun afternoon project.

4. Eco-Friendly Eggshell Starters
Why spend money on plant starter kits when you've got eggs in the fridge? Egg starters are perfect for starting your seeds indoors – you only will have to crack the shell gently before placing the sprouts in the ground when they're big enough. Easy and organic – just the way we like it!

5. Lovely Seed Starters
DIY shredded paper seed starters with the little ones – and what a perfect idea for introducing your kids to hands-on gardening! Made using shredded recycled paper and tissue paper, the paper mixture is simply combined in a bowl with water until soft. Drain out any excess water, and then place the paper mix into the decorative cookie cutter of your choice (or roll it up to create a seed ball!). Add your seeds to the wet paper once the shape is set, let dry for a couple of days, and you're ready to plant.  ■



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