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Fabulous fashion advice from personal wardrobe consultant Lori Wynne. More


Senior pets have a lot of love to give, and 10-year old Cong is no exception. Read More
Make the most of retirement
September Northside Man: Roger Wise, Jr.
Music therapy shows great benefits for seniors
Using music as behavioral therapy has been around longer than the written word, and likely as long as the spoken word, with references to the benefits of music appearing in the works of Aristotle and … Read the story
A dive into dementia Imagine a world where your thoughts enter and exit randomly, where the sounds in your head compete, with the sounds from outside, where simple tasks are nearly impossible to complete and plans made … Read More
Locally-owned coffee shops draw devoted customer base
The relative ease in taking Mugs on Milton in Alpharetta from idea to opening day still surprises the two owners to this day. Read the story
Planning for what lies ahead The need for legal advice often increases as we age, and planning for retirement, wills, finances, long term care, property and other matters often requires more professional advice than most of us … Read More
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Special Senior Issue:

Our "cover girl" Charlotte Chaney, was born and raised in Pittsburg, Pa., and has been a resident at the Benton House in Alpharetta for three years. 

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